Police Inspectors Letter

Report from Runnymede’s Neighbourhood Inspector to Neighbourhood Watch, Feb 2017

The major issue on Runnymede was a high level of DOMESTIC BURGLARIES in December through January, especially in New Haw and then Addlestone. There were 34 DOMESTIC BURGLARIES since 01/01/2017 which is +10 over the same period last year.

Most were not sophisticated, many were crude burglaries forcing rear windows and doors, so keep ladders, wheelie bins and tools stored away; do not leave them outside for a criminal's benefit.

As you would expect, Surrey Police constantly monitor crimes in neighbourhoods. We use intelligence and analysis as part of our constant work to cut crime and keep Surrey safe. Intelligence led operations are on-going to identify areas at greater risk of crime and to arrest burglars. Where the number of offences goes above expected levels, we will swiftly take further measures. We instigated an anti-burglary operation and have since made several arrests of suspects and the burglary figures have returned to the normal range. Simple steps such as having timer lights and leaving a radio on a voice station are effective deterrents. We continue to put out information on Runnymede Beat Facebook and Twitter and would encourage NHW to follow these for up to date information.

Overall, National crime statistics have recently been released and they show Surrey as one of the safest counties in the country. The top level trends nationally and reflected here in Surrey are:

· Increases were found in violent crime (21%) and public order (65%), following the national trend with the volume increases largely driven by changes in the recording processes and the inclusion of additional harassment offences within the series.

· We saw an 8% decrease in some burglary offences including a 15% decrease in non-dwelling burglaries.

· We had a 5% increase in victims and survivors of sexual offences reporting to us.

· The trend continues for crime to be changing, evident as we see decreases in drugs (28%), theft (3%) and shop lifting (4%).

NHW needs to also be aware of the changing nature of local crime. More crime is taking place indoors. For instance, Modern slavery is a serious crime. It encompasses forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Modern slavery victims are often trafficked, they are brought to (or moved around) a country by others who threaten, frighten, hurt and force them to do work or other things they don’t want to do. Examples of where Modern Slavery is found includes: car washes, nail bars, agriculture.

Similarly, cyber-crime continues to grow, keep your security software up to date and never disclose any information such as passwords. Treat all unsolicited calls with caution. Remember, banks and the police will never contact you to ask you to transfer money, buy high value goods, or hand over cards or money. Also banks will never call you and ask for your passcode, password, PIN or PIN security code.

Finally, Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro's proposal for a 1.99% council tax increase for policing has today been approved by Surrey's Police and Crime Panel. The policing element of the council tax for the financial year 2017/18 has now been set at £224.57 for a Band D property which amounts to an extra £4.38 on last year's figure, or 8p a week. The increase, which will come into effect from April.

A public consultation was carried out between November and January in which over 2,100 people answered a survey with their views on the proposed rise in precept for policing. Of those who responded, 65% were in support of the increase. Munro stated "There are always areas to work on and the feedback we received during the consultation highlighted areas around police visibility and engagement which we have taken on board and will seek to work with the Force to improve.”


Nick Pinkerton.

Runnymede Neighbourhood Inspector.

Runnymede Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone. KT15 2AH.