New Haw Meeting. Mar 2017


Held in New Haw Library 7 pm


Inspector Pinkerton and CRA Vic Smith from Surrey Police

Members of the Steering Group

26 coordinators, deputies and residents

The Steering Group Chairman Keith Bendall welcomed everyone to the meeting, the first of a local area meeting to be held in the borough, with the Borough Inspector present to answer questions. He urged the coordinators and deputies present to keep in two way communication with the Steering Group in order to have up-to-date information about crimes and alerts, and then to pass them on to their neighbours.

The Inspector then spoke, firstly about the chronic and serious issues facing Surrey Police and hence their priorities. One surprising statistic from his talk was that 50-60% of police time in the borough was spent on safeguarding people eg looking out for vulnerable adults, seeking missing persons. This is an area of their work that is not so well known amongst the public but takes up much of their time.

He reported on the communication opportunities with residents. The regular Facebook panels reach between 300 and 400 people and after feedback from those who are not on any social media he has reintroduced “Meet the Beat” events in some areas with the hope to extend this to all parts of the borough.

He then gave an overview of crime figures in New Haw over the past few months - fortunately down from a spurt of domestic burglary in November, though there were a number of tradesmen’s vans burgled for their tools.

He answered several questions from the floor and gave advice about us helping ourselves in the fight against crime.

● Report anything suspicious including unexpected sounds

● Don’t advertise on any social media when you are away from home

● Don’t show pictures of your home which include its geographic coordinates

● Keep looking at the Surrey Police pages to find out what is going on

● Put lights on and a radio when out in the evening

The CRA Vic Smith reminded people of various ways of making locks extra secure and of registering one’s property on Immobilize or using products such as Smart Water to identify them in case of theft.

For help and advice one can phone 631147 which is the Community Safety Team phone line.