Coordinator Role

Typical duties of a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Promote NhW:

  • Sustain the interest of members through regular communication such as meetings or newsletters.
  • Supply members with NhW stickers for doors and windows, incident report cards and other Neighbourhood Watch material.
  • Encourage non-participating neighbours to join the watch or keep you advised of incidents within the watch area.
  • Encourage the setting up of additional watches in neighbouring areas.

Manage the local watch:

  • Keep an up to date list of watch members, including email addresses where available, remembering to keep the data confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984.
  • Welcome new members to the watch and keep a stock of NhW stickers and leaflets to give to them.
  • Disseminate information (either by email or hard copies) to all members of the watch such as crime updates/reports from Surrey Police, crime reduction literature or NhW newsletters.

Encourage measures to enhance security:

  • Encourage members of the watch to adopt crime reduction measures such as security marking their valuable property using a UV marker pen.
  • Encourage members to keep their eyes open for unusual occurrences and inform the Police quickly of suspicious activity.
  • Educate members as to how to contact Surrey Police in a non-emergency as well as Crimestoppers.

Links to Surrey Police and Borough/District NhW organisation:

  • Act as a point of contact between your watch members, Surrey Police and your Borough/District NhW organisation.
  • Notify your Borough/District NhW organisation and local Police if you plan to leave the area or are not able to continue in your role and, if possible identify a replacement.
  • Receive non urgent information from members and forward to Surrey Police.
  • Inform members of any successes that occur.
  • Feedback concerns from local watch members to the local Police.