EGHAM MEETING 11th Oct 2017

Notes of Neighbourhood Watch Egham Area Meeting

1. ​Date: 11th October s 2017

2.​Time: 19:00 to 20:30 hrs approx.

3.​Venue: The Hythe Centre, Egham Hythe


Inspector Ian Scott

PC Helen Gladstone-Linsdell

Mr Vic Smith Crime Reduction Advisor

Mr Keith Bendall Runnymede NHW Steering Group Chairman

Mr Steve Hodgkinson Runnymede NHW Steering Group Vice-Chairman

31 Residents from Englefield Green, Egham and Egham Hythe.

Only 29 signed in, of those only 6 were not either Watch Coordinators, deputies or members.

5​Mr Keith Bendall introduced himself, Mr Hodgkinson, Mr Smith, Inspector Scott and PC Gladstone- Linsdell and dealt with procedural and health and safety matter before handing over to Inspector Scott.

6​Inspector Scott spoke for approximately 35 minutes about local policing matters giving an outline of the Surrey Police structure and the effect of recent budget cuts on Police officer numbers, and the drastic reduction in non-uniform support staff in recent years. The Neighbourhood Policing Team for Runnymede consists of 2 PCs and 8 PCSOs split into 2 teams to cover the North and South of the Borough. At any one time only 5 of these officers are out on Patrol given the level of paperwork and other activities which require them to be at Addlestone Police Station.

The Local Policing Team concentrates on matters such as Burglary, Domestic Violence, vulnerable people and children.

There are no organised crime groups situated in Runnymede but there are in the two neighbouring Boroughs of Elmbridge and Spelthorne.

Anti-social behaviour in Runnymede is youth related. The Safer Runnymede CCTV system is a great asset in tackling this problem.

The Police have good links with Royal Holloway University of London in terms of dealing with complaints about student behaviour, and are engaging with the public through “Meet the Beat” session, held regularly in various venues.

Traveller Incursions have to be dealt with in a proportional manner – the Police have to work with the Council who have a duty to provide a suitable site.

Recently street lighting has been turned off between midnight and 5am across the borough- Police statistics show no correlation between this action and an increase in domestic burglary.

There is no statutory responsibility on local Councils to provide street lighting

Since December 2016 there has been an increase in domestic burglary in the Egham area and Inspector Scott stated that recent Police action to target those responsible has resulted in 4 persons from the Ashford, Chertsey and Egham Areas being arrested and in one of those cases returned to prison.

7​Following Inspector Scott’s Presentation there was a question and answer session. The topics discussed included:

Youths in Hythe Park with catapults attacking wild birds

Noise late at night in Lynwood Avenue caused by students returning to the RHUL campus. This is a particular problem when the noise is caused by people walking along the road as opposed to noise from a given property.

Residents are keeping a log of the problems via an on-line excel spreadsheet

In Nightingale Shott students are regularly seen between 11pm and midnight drinking in the street, making a noise and leaving bottles and glasses on kerbs and pavements. The student bar on the campus has a late night licence on Wednesdays – this seems to fuel the problem

The Packhorse Pub has not been granted a late night licence

Environmental health Officers from the Council will visit student properties following complaints from other residents.

Where it can be shown that turning off street lights has allowed an increase in crime the County Council will arrange for street lights to be kept on.

To reduce the likelihood of domestic burglary appropriate security measures should be taken;

Lighting and locks are most important – good quality locks on doors and windows – ensuring these are used when the property is unoccupied. Using a time-switch to bring on lights in the evening

Preventing access to the rear of domestic dwellings

Preventing burglars getting their hands on garden forks or spades which can be used to force doors and windows

Automatic sensor lights on the outside of a property do little to deter burglary

The crime reduction advisor will visit residents and give advice on reducing the threat of burglary.