Minutes of AGM

Runnymede Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Runnymede Civic Offices on Thursday 5th October 2017 at 10.00am


Keith Bendall (Englefield Green), Colin Brown (New Haw), Sandy Stephens (Ottershaw), Shirley Griggs (Virginia Water).Brian Hunt ( Chertsey ), Malcolm Cressey (Ottershaw), Chris Heighes (Addlestone)

Sgt. Ali Dunlop North Surrey Division Community Safety Team

Vic Smith CRA

Inspector Ian Scott

NHW coordinators (one pending): Ken Barkway, Gillian Bostock, Jaclyn Castledine, Roger Clover, Sharyn Davies, Wendy Holmes, Heather Howell, Wendy Locker, Adrian Meadley, Mike Twelftree


Steve Hodgkinson (Egham), Janine Windsor (New Haw), Shazia Sarwar RBC Community Safety Officer, 15 NHW coordinators

Welcome by the Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were agreed as a correct record of last year’s AGM. Proposed by Heather Howell and approved by the remaining coordinators attending.

Chairman’s initial address

The Chairman began by saying goodbye to the departing members of the Steering Group, namely Colin Brown, Brian Hunt and Sandy Stephens, and thanked them for their years of service to NHW.


Inspector Ian Scott presented all 3 with certificates to commemorate their service and collaboration with Runnymede Police. Brian Hunt was presented with a medal to commemorate his 17 years of service as a police volunteer.

Chairman’s report on activities

The Chairman gave a summary outline of his report (attached) which has been sent out to all coordinators and deputies. He reiterated his thanks on behalf of all the Steering Group to Vic Smith and Sgt Ali Dunlop for their support and encouragement.

Treasurer’s report


The Treasurer stated that there had been no new funds in the last year but that there were still sufficient for our needs at present. He has been successful in gaining £400 from Surrey since the end of the financial year but commented that funding is only granted for specified expenses and not given as a lump sum.

Acceptance of the report was proposed by Sharon Davies and seconded by Jaclyn Castledyne. There were no dissensions.

NOTE: There were 15 vote forms sent via email. All accepted the financial report.

Election of members of the Steering Group

The proposed members of the Steering Group, thanks to volunteers to take on vacant roles, are now:

Keith Bendall. E.Green

Malcolm Cressey. Ottershaw

Shirley Griggs Virginia Water

Chris Heighe. Addlestone

Steve Hodgkinson. Egham

Janine Windsor. New Haw

(Vacancy). Chertsey

Their election was proposed by Wendy Holmes and seconded by Roger Clover, with no dissentions.

Election of officers

The proposed officers are now:


Keith Bendall

Vice Chairman

Steve Hodgkinson


Chris Heighes

Minutes Secretary

Janine Windsor

Sandy Stephens will continue to be responsible for maintaining the database and email address for the time being.

Their election was proposed by Wendy Locker and seconded by Wendy Holmes, with no dissensions.

NOTE: There were 15 vote forms sent in via email. All supporting the proposed members and officers of the Steering Group.


Removal of NHW road signs from Nobles Way and Manor Grove Crescent was queried. The Chair reported that with no coordinator/deputy and hence no communication between residents and police/NHW the Watch is defunct and there should be no signs in place. They would be reinstalled if the Watch could be re-established.


A query from a coordinator as to why no messages had been received from the NHW desk resulted in the explanation that only the street in which the crime occurred would be notified via the desk, or if no watch was there, another street nearby with a watch would be notified.

The Chair added that the CRA issued weekly crime sheets that ARE communicated to all coordinators via their area representative, as and when appropriate.


The Chairman encouraged coordinators present to take the Members’ Guide books away with them to issue to their neighbours. It had been disappointing that when single copies had been posted to all coordinators last year there had been very little take up.

The meeting closed at 11.05 am.