2016 Conference Report

The 2016 Conference was held at Chertsey Hall, Heriot Road, Chertsey on Tuesday, 18th October from 7.00 - 9.30 pm.

There were over sixty coordinators, Watch members and residents from Runnymede Borough who attended. Also in attendance were Neighbourhood Inspector Nick Pinkerton and four of his police officers for Runnymede, Crime Reduction Advisor Vic Smith, and Shazia Sarwar, Community Safety Officer for Runnymede Borough Council.

The Chairman of the Steering Group welcomed everyone to the meeting.

A way to stop nuisance calls The first presentation was about the various ways to prevent receiving nuisance calls and an overview of the products available on the market. Two devices from CPR “Call Blocker” had been donated to the Steering Group and they were given to two of the audience in a free raffle at the end of the evening.

Cyber Crime, its scale and how to combat it. Henk van Roest, Security Program Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft CSS. (Expert in fighting malware and phishing). Henk delivered an eye-opening talk on the sophisticated and extensive ways in which our personal data can be hacked into and just how widespread hacking is. He gave some very useful ideas about keeping our data secure and what to watch out for.

Crime Reduction Advisor Vic Smith gave an overview of the present state of criminal activity in the borough, the types of crime and the level in the various areas.

Q&A Session Questions were taken from the floor and answered, as appropriate, by either our speakers or by the police officers present and members of the NHW Steering Group.

Address and summing up – Runnymede Neighbourhood Inspector Nick Pinkerton gave a talk to outline the present staffing of the police in the borough and their priorities and targets that they have set. He gave some examples of their recent activities to highlight the range of duties that the Neighbourhood team are called upon to perform.

At the end of the evening attendees were asked to fill in a questionnaire. We received just over half the possible total. The view overall about the evening was that it was well worth attending and that there had been a lot of useful information at the event, both from speakers and from the display stands. There was special praise for Inspector Nick Pinkerton for his clear presentation and his evident passion and commitment to both his team and for good policing in the borough.