AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM held at The Runnymede Centre on 2nd October 2014 at 7.45 pm

There were 30 co-ordinators present.



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Co-0rdinator’s feedback

Colin Brown of the Steering group welcomed all present to the fourth AGM of the Steering Group

Shirley Griggs, David Whyte, Allan Cottle, Gill and Nigel Talbot, Nick Critchell, Kenneth Murdoch, John Osborne, Harry Purchase, Sue and Gary Coole, Pat Holbrook, Mike Booker, Michael Widdup, Ann Moody, Flora White

These were circulated for approval. Approval was proposed by Jim Nichol and seconded by Harriet Coleman. There were no dissentions.

There are a few new watches since last year, but some have been lost due to the co-ordinator leaving and not being replaced. There are now 140 watches in the borough. Each watch needs a deputy who can stand in or take over from the co-ordinator. 40 watches are without e-mail which makes contact difficult and expensive.

The NHW desk is manned on Monday mornings by Brian Hunt. New volunteers to man the desk would be very welcome.

There are now 7 co-ordinators in the Steering group, Sue Keith has joined the group and takes the minutes. James Barrett left his post as Crime Reduction Advisor for Runnymede early last year and has been replaced by Elaine Burtenshaw and Vic Smith who cover North Surrey division which includes Runnymede.

Volunteers to join the Steering group would be welcome, particularly someone with IT skills as we would like to develop the website. Small local groups of co-ordinators would encourage better communication between watches within a local area.

The single page of accounts was shown to co-ordinators

The Secretary remarked that there had been no nominations for anyone to be on the Steering Group when notification of the AGM and invitations to nominate had been sent out.

She said that the present members of the group were all willing to continue to stand, and continue their roles in the group. The group members were named as :

Bob Squire ( Addlestone) Chairman

Colin Brown (New Haw) Treasurer

Sandy Stephens ( Ottershaw) Secretary

Brian Hunt (Chertsey)

Keith Bendall ( Egham)

Shirley Griggs ( Virginia Water)

Sue Keith (Chertsey)

Co-ordinators were asked if anyone would like to take over any of the Steering Group roles, there were no volunteers! Steve Hodgkinson proposed that all members of the group should be voted back into office for the coming year. This was seconded by Clive Husselbury. There were no dissentions.

Co-ordinators were reminded to register their watch details on the official national web-site for NHW, This provides useful information and safety tips, and enables residents moving into the area to locate their NHW co-ordinator.

Co-ordinators were asked to fill in the Conference Questionnaire at the end of the evening. This would assist in planning future events and, and assist the Steering group in their actions.