Kevin Hurley

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Kevin Hurley was elected as Surrey’s first Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012. He has thirty years police experience, much of it at senior level. He has dealt with crime and anti-social elements from walking the beat in London and Surrey to writing the National Policing Plan for Iraq. He has done much; from improving on care of victims to leadership responsibility for thousands of police officers and multi million pound budgets.

As one of a family of three generations of police officers and with nine immediate relatives still serving or retired, he has unique insights into how the police operate and is funded.

He understands a Police Balance Sheet and knows what strategies and tactics work to deliver cost effective policing.

He has listened to thousands of residents over the years and heard what is important to them and what they want done.

That’s the reason why he has always taken an uncompromising approach to anti- social behaviour, burglars and drug dealers and taken their loot off them to pay for more policing.

He has applied his no nonsense methods to the officers and staff he has led. He has always demanded of them the highest standards of appearance, courtesy and commitment to serve. He expected them to treat each victim or witness as if they were a member of their own family. He expects Police Chiefs to be Leaders and not Bureaucratic Managers.

He achieved results by building partnerships with Local People, Businesses and other Government Agencies and also, most important, building trust with his officers and staff and supporting them in the difficult tasks they perform on our behalf. They knew that provided they acted in the public interest and in good faith, he would support them.

He believes he will have achieved your wishes when you feel you don’t have any reason to “moan” about Policing or the Criminal Justice System. “It’s a tall order but we can make it better”.

Whilst acknowledging there is a place for Rehabilitation, Restorative Justice and Community Penalties, Kevin knows that when it comes to Burglars, those who Deal Drugs to our young people and the Violent Bullies who blight our town centres, prison works.

“I have never known a burglar to break into someone’s home when he is locked up”.