Annual Report.

Annual Report for October 2013 conference

There are now 137 watches in the borough, though not all might be active.

30 of these are without email so contact with them is restricted to one posted letter annually, unless the co-ordinators phone through to the Help Desk. All other watches are contacted via email from time to time during the year.

The Help Desk is manned only on Monday mornings now, by Brian Hunt. Volunteers would be extremely welcome other days of the week.

The Steering Group has experienced a year of flux this year. We said goodbye to Liz Robinson, our CRA and liaison with the police, and to Rosemarie Leach who had been on the Help Desk and a NHW co-ordinator for several years, as well as being on the Steering Group. In their places we welcomed James Barrett and Keith Bendall respectively. Hence we have had a year of readjustment and reassessment of our priorities.

We have been granted funds from the Proceeds of Crime to further our work. This has paid for the conference and NHW signage for new Watches now Safer Runnymede is no longer able to support us financially.

We have had an offer of interest in joining the Group, more would be welcome so that all areas in the borough have a representative on the team.