AGM Minutes

Runnymede Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group

Minutes of the AGM held at The Runnymede Centre on 8th October 2013 at 8.00 pm

There were 61 co-ordinators present.



Minutes of last AGM

Annual report

Treasurer’s Report

Colin Brown of the Steering Group welcomed all present to the third AGM of the Steering Group.

Gill Whitney, Ian Mawson, Andrew Smith, Wendy Holmes, Chris Allan, Doreen Godfrey, Clive Hussellbury, Harry Purchase, Gill & Neil Talbot, Alec Ball.

These were circulated for approval. Approval was proposed by Richard Hustler and seconded by Harriet Coleman. There were no dissensions.

There are 137 Watches in the Borough, though not all might be active as there has been no contact from some. (30 are without e-mail).

The NHW desk is manned now only on Monday mornings, since we have lost two volunteers. We would welcome any one who could help other days of the week.

For the Steering Group it has been a year of flux. We have said goodbye to our CRA Liz Robinson, welcoming James Barrett in her place. We also said goodbye to Rosemarie Leach, welcoming Keith Bendall in her place.

We have been granted funds from the Proceeds of Crime to further our work. This has paid for the conference and signage for new watches now Safer Runnymede no longer are able to support us financially.

We have had an offer of interest in joining the Group, more would be welcome so all borough areas are covered.

With greater membership and the funding we have now received we would hope to extend our activities next year.

The single page of accounts was shown to the co-ordinators.


New members

Contact details

Our Watch web-site

Co-ordinators’ feedback

The Secretary remarked that there had been no nominations from anyone to be on the Steering Group, when notification of the AGM and invitations to nominate had been sent out.

She also said that the present members of the group were all willing to continue to stand, and to continue in their roles within the group. The group members were named as:

Bob Squire (Addlestone) Chairman

Colin Brown (New Haw) Treasurer

Sandy Stephens (Ottershaw) Secretary

Brian Hunt (Chertsey)

Keith Bendall (Egham)

Shirley Griggs (Virginia Water)

James Barrett (Crime Reduction Adviser with Surrey Police)

Stephanie Hunt proposed that all members of the group should be voted back into office for the coming year. This was seconded by Wendy Locker. There were no dissentions.

A request was made for volunteers from amongst the co-ordinators, especially to represent areas within Runnymede that were not yet covered on the Steering Group, namely Addlestone & North Bournside, Thorpe & Hythe.

The Secretary asked all co-ordinators present to confirm their contact details, especially their e-mail addresses. There is one posted newsletter each year which is sent out to all co-ordinators without e-mail, otherwise all communication during the year is by e-mail only to reduce the costs incurred by the Steering Group.

Either contact the NHW desk on 01483 639937 or e-mail

Co-ordinators were reminded to register their Watch details on the official national web-site for NHW, . This would enable them to find useful information re safety advice, resource materials to customise for sending round to residents and also to find out more about their local area. (This last includes crime statistics and where other NHW schemes are located, with the ability to contact other Watch co-ordinators with whom to network.)

Co-ordinators were asked for comments/questions about the role and future actions of the Steering Group. Some points were made at the end of the evening and questionnaires were also handed in. These were for collation and discussion in subsequent meetings of the Group, to direct its activities.

The AGM finished at 8.15 pm