Chairman's Report

Runnymede Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 21st February 2012

Welcome to this, the second AGM of the Steering Group, (SG). I hope that you find the evening both useful and informative. The last year has been a productive one for the SG with a number of positive events to record and a few disappointments.

The Runnymede NHW Database has been produced and is current for all active watches in the borough. Collecting the information to ensure that the Database is relevant to current situation has taken a great amount of effort, but the result is worth that effort. The number of watches listed is 150, with a number of watches that are moribund, or are no longer active, still being pursued. The SG is determined to bring these non-active Watches “Back to Life” where ever possible. There are plans to ensure that as a new watch is formed details will be made available for the NHW Database.

Runnymede NHW SG has an email address and a web site, for the convenience of those in the borough and “electronic visitors” who are interested in the area. This again has taken the time and effort of SG members to produce these facilities. The facilities are considered to be an on-going project and will develop as new material and time allows.

The format of the NHW Newsletter has been changed, and a wider spectrum of subject matter added to the content. It is hoped that those receiving the Newsletter will find it an easier read and interesting. Although Newsletter space is limited if you have a subject matter, that you feel will be of interest to other watch co-ordinators, please let the SG know. You can always use the NHW email address or the NHW desk at the Police Station to pass on your thoughts.

During the year the SG were pleased to welcome the new Crime Reduction Advisor, (CRA), who joined the Addlestone Police Staff. Liz will provide continuity to a post that has seen many incumbents recently and is keen to see the NHW develop. Liz hopes to have a volunteer who will collate information on newly formed Watches and pass on the details to ensure that the NHW Database remains “Up to Date.” In the meantime Liz is a valuable person to have as a source of information and guiding hand over our activities.

It has been a disappointment that there have been no new members coming forward to fill the vacancies on the SG. There are still some areas of the borough that do not have a dedicated representative. It is an aim of the SG to resolve this problem by assessing the boundaries imposed by the Police areas assigned as NSO patrol areas.

As a result of financial constraints some agencies, which the SG would normally share with, were unable to mount a stand at local major shows this year. Consequently there was no NHW representation either.

Bob Squire

February 2012