The best Salsa from around the world

Rumba4U is a Salsa Web-Radio- 24/7

Rumba4U es una Web Radio de Salsa 24/7

Rumba4U is all about Latin culture and playing all the best Salsa or Latin Music bands from around the world,
Rumba4U tiene que ver con la cultura latina y la mejor Salsa o musica Latina de cualquier banda del mundo

Rumba4u brings you the best Salsa and Latin American music from around the world as well as a tasty weekly recipe from Spain, Mexico or South and Central America. 
We play every kind of salsa old and new - salsa dura, salsa vieja, salsa romantica, salsa erotica, rumba, son, guaguanco, boogaloo, as well as timba, cumbia, and every other style of Latin American music that puts a spring in your step and makes your hips swing. 
If you have any comments about the show or want to suggest a song, a recipe or send in details of a concert or event, contact us on the Rumba4U Facebook page -www.facebook.com/Rumba4u - and follow us on Twitter: @Rumba4uRadio.



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