Have you thought about volunteering for next year's Pagan Pride Day?


You can get started right here on this page!

Step 1: Click on the folder below to open and read the attached Volunteer Orientation Guide. This document
provides a synopsis of how the Pagan Pride Day events are guided by the mission of the Pagan Pride Project.

Step 2: Choose an area of interest. Which aspect would you like to help succeed?

Step 3: Would you like to join a planning committee? Or are you more task-oriented, a candidate for our Street Team? There are plenty of tasks, both small and large, to suit anyone's involvement.
        Planning Teams:
                Fundraising - It takes $$ to put on the event. And it takes a LOT of fundraising to get us there! This                                     team's main focus is making sure we have the funds to cover the event costs.
                Public Relations - Professional and timely announcements are crucial to our success. PR also                                         includes working with the public-at-large as well as all other committees.
                Spiritual Awareness - This team covers two very critical areas: Spirituality and Education. This                                         team is responsible for the Harvest Ritual as well as workshops, speakers, educational                                             materials, interfacing with local pagans, etc.
                Exhibitors - What would an event be without any booths and entertainment? This committee works
                         to get merchants, non-profit agencies, performers, and works with the Spiritual Awareness                                     team to emphasize our pagan community web.
                Street Team - With all of this work, we need a lot of hands (and sometimes feet) to help!
                        We need people to help with tasks like: Putting up posters, advertize our events, help man
                        the fundraisers, picking up donations, etc.
Step 4: Contact us! Send us an email at: RS.PaganPride@gmail.com

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