About Us

The Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride project is more then just the Pagan Pride Day event,
it is a year round organization following the parameters of Pagan Pride Project Inc.

We do this by:
  • Education: By offering information to the non-pagan public, and by helping the media paint a non-biased picture of what it means to be a pagan.
  • Activism: By supporting the Pagan Community in the area, making it a safe place for a Pagan to come out of the broom closet.
  • Charity: Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride and Pagan Pride Project International are not-for-profit organizations where all funds are given back to the community.
  • Community Work: As pagans we are all aware of the importance of the earth, Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride will dedicate its community work by offering a safe, healthy, natural place for our children and grandchildren to worship.
  • Pagan Pride Day: Pagan Pride Day will be a time when pagans can come together in a safe environment to worship the gods and to meet fellow pagans.

Image: Sky Rock Petrogyphs

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