It is unfortunate that the Sub-Branch records for the early years are not available to us, however from the Honour Boards that hang in the Sub-Branch Club rooms we are able to determine who it was that played a role in the history of the Sub-Branch.

We know that the inaugural President of the Sub-Branch was Mr J J Spencer.  He served as President for the first 5 years from 1919 until 1923.  After a two-year break, he then took up the reigns again for a further 3 years from 1926 until 1928.  Not content with that after a year’s break he again assumed the Presidents role for a further 3 years from 1930 until 1932.

 Not content with that after another year off, he was again President in 1934.  Not a bad effort, but wait there’s more.  After a break of six years, in 1941, he took on the role for a further 3 years.  Mr J J Spencer served for a total of 15 years as President of this Sub-Branch spanning the years from 1919 until 1943 (a period of 24 years) and has been the longest serving President.

 The first Secretary of the Sub-Branch was Mr L H Hodgson who served in that role for the first five years.  He may well have been the first Treasurer however there is no record of the Treasurer for the period from 1919 until 1923.

 During the first 100 years of the Sub-Branch there have been 31 members serve as President; 29 serve as Secretary and 24 as Treasurer.  However, some of these were contiguous.

 Mr G Lawrence served as President for a period of 11 years commencing in 1946 and had his final term in 1962 including one spell of 6 years from 1950.  Mr R J Plummer with 10 years, Mr J Smith with 9 years and Mr O K Keys with 6 years are the next longest serving Presidents.

 The most outstanding effort by an office bearer of this Sub-Branch is that of Mr J Bronner.  He served as Secretary of the Sub-Branch for a continuous period of 20 years from 1967 until 1986. However, if that was not enough, he was also Sub-Branch Treasurer for 19 of those years and then backed up a year later and did another 1 year as Treasurer in 1988. A total of 20 years in both jobs.

 Mr C F Knightly who took over from Mr Hodgson in 1924 served as Secretary for a total of 10 years with one spell of 8 years in the 1930’s and also served as Treasurer for a continuous period of 11 years from 1924.  The next longest serving Secretary was Mr R Bristow-Smith 7 terms and also 6 terms as Treasurer and Mr A A Bell also with 7 terms as Secretary and Treasurer followed by Messrs L H Hodgson and A Cartwright with 5. 

Apart from Secretaries already mentioned who also fulfilled the Treasurers role, Mr L G Bedford who had a continuous 4-year term as Secretary also had a 10-year continuous term as Treasurer.  Mr A Hudson has had 8 and a half terms as Treasurer and Mr R Cirevic 5 terms. 

We pay tribute to these members who played a role in administering this Sub-Branch and for getting it to where it is today. 

Especially we recognise and applaud the efforts of Mr J Bronner for his outstanding period of service of 20 years as both Secretary and Treasurer and Mr J J Spencer in his role as the President for the first 5 years of this Sub-Branch and for his Presidency for 15 years over a 24-year period.

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