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                                                      VIETNAM VETERANS DAY

                                     GOOLWA RSL   TUESDAY 18 AUGUST at 11  am

                                                GOOLWA  BAND    BBQ   BAR


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The Goolwa RSL has to play its part to stop the spread of the Corona Virus and to ensure that all reasonable care is being undertaken to protect the members, our many volunteers who operate the Club and the broader community.


The latest Government restrictions in relation to indoor gatherings, has placed limitations on our ability to accommodate members within the Club and still abide by the social distancing regulations.


We are all encouraged to avoid non essential public gatherings and large crowds.  This is an essential action to protect those of us at a higher risk of contracting the Virus such as older people and those with existing health conditions.  We need to ensure we practice these precautions to protect our members and the people in our community who are most at risk.


The Goolwa RSL committee is taking proactive steps to limit the risks to our members by taking the following actions.


The Anzac street march planned for Sunday 19th April is now cancelled.


The Anzac Day Dawn Service and gunfire breakfast is cancelled.


The Goolwa RSL clubrooms are closed until further notice.


We ask that you all keep calm, wash your hands regularly, and stay at home if feeling unwell.

Notice of AGM

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This year's AGM will be held on Friday 11th October at 4pm

ANZAC Activites

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On the Sunday before ANZAC Day a march is held from Centenary Hall along Cadell Street to the RSL Club Rooms off Cutting Road commencing at 10:45 am.
The march is followed by the ANZAC Commemorative Service commencing at 11:00 am in the Garden of Honour adjacent to the Club Rooms.
This service is followed by light refreshments in the Club Rooms with entertainment provided by the Goolwa Concert Band.

On ANZAC Day 25th April a Dawn Service is held in Garden of Honour off Cutting Road commencing at 6:00 am.
This service is followed by a breakfast in the Club Rooms, which remain open for the rest of the day.

Kenneth (Ken) Bowden

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One of the Sub-Branch elder statesmen passed away peacefully at home with his family last night (Monday 17/12/18) aged 95.

Ken's wish is for a private service which will be held at Centennial Park.

Ken was a true gentleman who, as well as his RSL service, was a long standing Legatee.

Lest we forget.


Bob Plummer

Sandy Hill

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Artical written by Ashley Porter and published in Coast Lines edition November 2018.

Sandy is currently the oldest member of the Goolwa RSL Sub-Branch.

Public Access Defibrillator with integrated CPR Advisor

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We care about you.

The Sub-Branch has purchased a defibrillator just in case we have a medical emergency in the club-rooms which requires its use.

No special training is required as the machine talks you through the steps. Demonstration video

As the first 8 minutes are critical in saving the life of a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) we have taken expect advice that it is essential to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) close at hand.

We will have a series of demonstrations showing how it works, so that anyone who is close by when a SCA occurs can use the AED and hopefully save someones life.

Use of AED's is governed by "Good Samaritan" legislation which in essence says that if you are attempting to save a live and things go wrong you cannot be held responsible.

The following link shows more about the AED's operation.

PS and we brought it through a local!

Who are we?

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Who are we, what do we do, when do we do it? Click the link reveal all.


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Lists of available plots within the cemetery, including the "niche" wall are available using the following link.

Huey's Cafe catering for the Goolwa RSL

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Two L's & a K (Lena, Linda and Kit) provide excellent meals at the very popular Huey's Cafe located in the Goolwa RSL Clubrooms.

Meals are provided between 6 and 8 on a Friday night offering meals of varying prices and size to appeal to those with a smaller appetite.

No bookings are required, just turn up and enjoy yourself.  Remember drink prices are among the cheapest on the coast.

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