The Woodbury Royals Orchestra Boosters is a group of parents, teachers, and community members that exists to support and sustain the operation and development of the Woodbury High School Orchestras.

Its overarching goal is to provide an environment where each member of the Royals Orchestras can develop proficiency with their instrument, bond with their fellow orchestra members and foster a lifelong love of music. 

It will achieve these objectives by:
  • Raising funds to provide financial support for orchestra operation, programs, and initiatives
  • Assisting with the management and logistics of orchestra operations
  • Promoting the benefits of orchestral instruction
  • Engaging the Woodbury High School student, teacher, and administrative body
  • Engaging the local community
  • Conducting itself in a transparent, ethical, and respectful manner 

2017-2018 Officers

 President:Cathy Crosby-Schmidt
 Vice-President:    Cathy Swenson-Goetz
 Treasurer: John Bergquist
 Secretary:  Chris Crosby-Schmidt