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V:TES T-shirts

As of January 17, 2020

Shipping for one shirt is $8 Domestic and $33.00 International ($30 to Canada).

Questions? david.tatu47@gmail.com

These are all New and have not been worn or washed. They have been around my house, some for many years, but they are all in great shape and two are still sealed in the original packaging.

"Rose Window" Vampire T-shirt.  $16
Size XXL

NAC 2009 Tournament T-shirt, Front View.  $8
3XL and 2XL sizes available.

NAC 2009 Tournament T-shirt, view of the back.

The T-shirts below are "like new". Robyn and I attend events together so we get two of every shirt (sometime even more for playing in multiple events). One may get worn, the others get put away. Most of theses have been washed once (some have never been washed). We use dye-free and perfume-free detergent and hang dry so as not to shrink the shirt and pucker the printing. (Any "faded" looking areas or faded color is due to poor photo quality; the shirts look like new). All shirts are USA sized XL unless noted.

2001 Qualifier Front $11

2001 Qualifier Back

2002 Qualifier Back $11

2002 Qualifier Front

2003 Qualifier Front $11

2003 Qualifier Back

2004 Qualifier Front $11

2004 Qualifier Back

2005 Qualifier Front $11

2005 Qualifier Back

2006 Qualifier Front $11

2006 Qualifier Back

2007 Qualifier Front $11

2007 Qualifier Back

2009 Qualifier Front $11
only 2XL, Small, Medium

2009 Qualifier Back

2010 Qualifier Front $11
Also in 2XL

2010 Qualifier Back

2012 Qualifier Front $11

2012 Qualifier Back

2013 Qualifier Front $11
Also in 2XL

2013 Qualifier Back

Pre-WW era, DCI ran a championship at GenCon. Front of shirt  $40

Back of shirt

Original Jyhad Shirt, Front $20

Jyhad shirt, Back

This is a worn, but in good condition, shirt from the VTES Atlanta playgroup.
Sometime you need to look down and remind yourself of the goal of the game.
Heather gray, Front $16

Back of "Prey" shirt

VTES Atlanta playgroup shirt made by The Lasombra. Not a silk screen but a iron-on transfer.
We all played combat decks at some event and wore this shirt.
This is the front, nothing on the back. $10

Prophecies Storyline prize. Front $20

Prophecies Back

2006 North American Championship. Front $11

2006 NAC Back

2004 EC Front $14

2004 EC Back

2005 EC Front $14

2005 EC Back

2006 EC Front $14
Tag is size XXL but = USA XL

2006 EC Back

EC 2010 Front $18
The tag says XL but = USA Small or Medium
This shirt is dark brown in color.

EC 2010 Back
This shirt has a special back, printed for IC members only.

EC 2011 Front $14

EC 2011 Back