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V:TES Play Group Support Kits

Page updated on Sept. 26, 2020

For questions, email me: david.tatu47@gmail.com

Play Group Support Kit – $90 for 4 player kits,  If you can see this page, I am selling kits.

I am getting so many orders that I have to raise my prices. I am now cross buying cards to keep up with commons I am running out of. Plus these kits take 3 or 4 hours to build in total and it is getting to be time consuming. I feel like the cards as a lot would sell for about $130 on Ebay so it is a good value and I do want to get more people playing.

I will build these kits using the "Happy Families" formula to create 4 playable decks with about 60 cards each and then you get additional cards to swap in and out and around. Let me know what sect or clans you are interested in and I will put something together.

Each Play Group Support Kit contains:
4 basic decks using the Happy Families formula. Decks have been "Tatu'ised" to 60 - 65 cards or so. Happy Families formula and Legbitter's thoughts on Tatu'ising decks can be found here:

AND ~200 support cards: Commons, Uncommons, Rares and even some Vampires that support the clans and concepts of the basic decks and can be used to modify them.

These cards may come from any expansion (Not Jyhad) and may have been lightly played but will be in very good condition.

Shipping: $8 USA, $30 Canada and Mexico, $34 International


To Order:

Email me your purchase request, the country where I will ship to and your Paypal email address to: david.tatu47@gmail.com.

I will send you an invoice through Paypal. After you pay, I will ship your order to your Paypal confirmed address via USPS with Tracking.


For information on tournament play, how to find other players and the current state of the game, visit the official player’s organization:

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network www.vekn.net