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Dragon Con 2019

Here was our Schedule of Games for Dragon Con 2019:
Rose Tatu Productions Presents:


            7PM Elder Sign
                    Welcome To…


10AM My Village


1PM   Terraforming Mars

2PM   Bruges


6PM   Lorenzo Il Magnifico 

7PM   Ars Alchimia

  Coal Baron: The Great Card Game



10AM Inhabit the Earth & San Juan

12PM Arkham Horror, LCG

1PM   Terraforming Mars & Underwater Cities

2PM   Arkham Horror, LCG & Seasons

4PM   Arkham Horror, LCG

6PM   Lorenzo Il Magnifico

7PM   Century Spice Rd

  Castles of Burgundy: Card Game



10AM Fields of Green

   Sushi Go

11AM Machi Koro

12PM Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, LCG

1PM   Terraforming Mars

1PM   Dead CCG Meet up (until 9PM)

2PM   Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, LCG

           Power Grid: The Card Game

  Notre Dame

4PM   Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, LCG

6PM   Lorenzo Il Magnifico

7PM   Century Spice Road

  Evolution: The Beginning



            10AM Welcome To…


            11AM  Elder sign
            2PM     Keyflow

      7 Wonders

Our gaming area is located right next to the CCG Headquarters. Register online or come by and sign up. Dragoncon.org

Dragon Con 2018
The Rose Tatu Productions team had a great time at Dragon Con 2018. Thanks to everyone that played in one of the scheduled events or just dropped by to play in a pick up game.
Here was the schedule:


Century Spice road 10AM

Dominion 10AM

Coal Baron: The card game 1PM

7 Wonders 4PM

Dominion 4PM

San Juan 7PM



Fields of Green 10AM

Century Spice road 10AM

Legends of the 5 Rings, LCG 1PM

Arkham Horror, LCG 4PM

7 Wonders 7PM


Thunderstone 10AM

Seasons 1PM

Legendary Encounters: Firefly 4PM

Elder Sign 7PM



Dixit 10AM

San Juan 10AM

Inhabit the Earth 1PM

We had a total of 79 players for the scheduled events and another 40+ for pick up games. We did not get anyone for the Monday morning games but that may be more about the time of day than the games offered.

We are already planning for next year. We intend to double the number of games offered and add more staff so we can run 4 games per slot. If you have any card-based games you want us to run, let us know. You can email us at david.tatu47@gmail.com.