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As of March 8, 2020

Our shelves are over flowing so we need to thin out the collection. All are in great shape and many are un-punched. All parts inventoried and guaranteed complete.

 I also have games listed on Board Game Geek: user name david_tatu. If you see something you want, send an email to david.tatu47@gmail.com. I can tell you more about condition and quote you shipping if you tell me the city and state that I am shipping to.

Big Shelf of games. Prices below:

Risk, 1964, white board. Box has some issues, Parts are mint/unplayed. $50

Conquest and big board - more info upon request. $40

Knights of Camelot, ripped corner (ask for Pictures). $15

RoleMaster - Box is trashed but includes 3 other books - Ask for more info $75

Space Master - Box is trashed but includes 3 modules - Ask for more info $80

Betrayal and Widow's walk (Sealed) set for $40

Settlers of America. Great condition but small water ring on cover. (You would not notice it if I did not point it out.) $35

Achaia (Sealed) $20

Large Carcassone collection $90 - Ask for the list of all expansions included.

Quarriors collection with rise of the demons $80

Queenie 1 and 2 for Merlin, mini expansions $5 ea

Great western Trail "The 11th building tile" promos $5

Orleans promo No1 $7.50

Shadows over Camelot and Merlin's Company:
Base game has a split corner on box and the insert has a crack. Cards are in "played" condition. Includes the promo knight and paper card for him. The expansion is like new. Some of the cards still in shrink; never played. The whole set is $125.

Gen 7, in shrink $50

Russian Railroads, with mini expansion SOLD

American Railroads, in shrink $25

Here are some details for the Rolemaster collection:

This is the only book that shows wear, the rest are in mint condition.

The box is trashed, included at no charge. Whole lot $100.