As of March. 7, 2020

We have collected many CCG's over the years. But the shelves are full and time to play is harder to find. So time to sell.

I am listing some of these on Craigslist, some on Ebay, so some games may not be available until an auction ends. If you see something you want, send an email to I can tell you more about condition and quote you shipping if you tell me the city and state that I am shipping to.

VTES Messenger bag, new $35

Doomtown Decks, $25 for each set of 3 decks:
Texas Rangers, The Agency, Sweetrock

Doomtown Eye for an Eye, $25 for both:
Sioux Union and Blackjacks

Doomtown Maze Rats decks, $8 each

Doomtown Reaping of Souls decks, Set of 3 $40:
Coalition, Flock, Whateleys

Doomtown chips from the World Championship at Gen Con. I think Andrew Davidson won this year so maybe 2002?
The top 5 are the same front and back, the bottom 5 are different, see below.

I have never seen these sold before. I think Andrew had a giant set and he got as the winner.Then I think there
was a second set then broke up and gave out.
These are maybe clay? Heavy and solid. The art is part of the finish; not a sticker. Printing on the edge with type.

VTES Table Cloth $50. 67 x 59 inches. - SOLD

VTES Table Cloth, round $45. 69 inches. -SOLD

Anarch Tokens $12

Flash Grenade tokens $5

WotC Netrunner
Sealed starter set $15

Wizards Companion $25, Lidless Eye companion $60, Casual Companion $40

10 Challenge decks (2 opened, but not played) $180