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A foggy morning on Edenton Bay


Time to dust off the dreams. A while back, a long while back, we decided to build a houseboat. It would have to be unusual, maybe even  peculiar, but comfortable and sturdy, maybe even nice enough to live on.  We drew sketches on backs of cheap-restaurant place mats, and dreamed of all the backwaters and exotic  ports we would visit.  Alas, some thirty years of  life ensued, in which building a boat did not figure. Our children grew up, and a logical retirement age approached. Houseboat time? Why not! Like all major undertakings, this required  preparation. For starters, there was the matter of finding some water to float the thing in. That meant relocating to a pleasant little coastal town  with affordable and reasonably sheltered waterfront property. The perfect locale would be not only a pretty place with lovely weather, but be populated  by friendly natives, offer lots of cultural and recreational opportunities,  be located reasonably close to 'civilization', and, of course, have a nearby airport with hangar space for our Mooney. We spent four years of spare  weekends looking along the East and Gulf coasts, and kept returning to a nice little village wedged between endless cotton fields and the Great Dismal Swamp.  Historic Edenton, North Carolina, perched on the northwestern shore of the Albemarle Sound, seemed made to order. We moved into a 30-year-old house overlooking the water, added a workshop to it, and prepared to build a boat.  Then came hell AND high water. Hurricane Isabel, in September of 2003, put the houseboat project at the end of a long list of more urgent chores. By the summer of 2004, though, we had dug ourselves out  enough to go buy some plywood. To follow the rest of that story, click on <Houseboat> in the sidebar.

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 Rob and Mimi Reiheld

207 Queen Anne Drive
Edenton, NC 27932
Phone:  252-482-0624