XY Model Animations

Supplementary material to preprint manuscript

"The classical XY model with conserved angular momentum is an archetypal non-Newtonian fluid"

R. M. L. Evans, Craig A. Hall, R. Aditi Simha and Tom Welsh

Click on each image to view animation in animated gif format.

Animation 1

3D view of a chain of 512 rotors, forming the Angular-Momentum-Conserving XY Model. Animation of the numerically-calculated dynamics (using the DPD algorithm) for a uniform steady state at T=0.1, mu=0.5, shear-rate=0.001953125.

Animation 2

A chain of 512 rotors (as for Animation 1), showing a slip-plane steady state at a lower temperature, T=0.001, mu=0.5, shear-rate=0.001953125.

Animation 3