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Reflections Program

"Within Reach"

Thank you to all parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and volunteers who helped to make this year's PTA Reflections art program a success!

Congratulations to all student artists who worked so hard on their projects! Each and every one of the projects were so well deserving of an award! Thank you for participating in the PTA Reflections program year after year!

2017-2018 Winners
Dance Choreography
Primary Division Zoey Anstie I can feel it coming Twain Elementary
Intermediate Division Isabelle Ramirez Rise Up Twain Elementary
Middle School Division Grace Carter Climbing Towards your Goals Gage Middle
High School Division Kayla Gildore One Step Closer North High

Video Production
Primary Division Marko Tsang Air plane Kennedy Elementary
Intermediate Division Aaron Porter My Stop Motion Movie Rivera Elementary
Middle School Division Chloe Ivy-Curwen Within reach:one student turns her life around Gage Middle
High School Division Andrew Simpson Within Reach Martin Luther King High

Primary Division Caydence Chitwood The Story of Billy: Billy Gets an Ear Infection  Washington Elementary
Intermediate Division Lola Del Pizzo Goals Within Reach Lake Mathews Elementary
Middle School Division Lilia Tomoff Pride of Ivy Riverside STEM Academy
High School Division Elizabeth Paul The American Dream Riverside STEM Academy

Music Composition
Primary Division Ella Morgan             Within reach Kennedy Elementary
Intermediate Division Jackson Seeber     Masquito hop Kennedy Elementary
Middle School Division Luke Ellis             Reign of the Dragons Woodcrest Elementary
High School Division Jordan Viramontes    Relief Riverside STEM Academy

Primary Division Blake McDonald The Goal Stopper Washington Elementary
Intermediate Division Cassandra Heston College is Within Reach Woodcrest Elementary
Middle School Division Jake Mitchell Untitled Amelia Earhart Middle
High School Division Daphne Serrano A Vision of Nature Riverside STEM Academy

Visual Arts
Special Artist Division Seth Flores All My Dreams Are Within Reach! Taft Elementary
Primary Division Lucy Quinto Marine Biology- Within my Reach Lake Mathews Elementary
Intermediate Division Brooke Schoeman World Peace is Within Reach Lake Mathews Elementary
Middle School Division Portia Moran Reach for The Stars Frank Augustus Miller Middle
High School Division Jay Torres Metamorphasis Polytechnic High