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posted Aug 21, 2018, 1:11 PM by Adriana Katanić-Curiel

Dear PTA Members and Supporters:

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 the Riverside Council PTA Association voted in support of RUSD's acquisition of a parcel of land in the Casa Blanca neighborhood for the purpose of building a neighborhood school. The land is currently being challenged by a developer who wants to build over 200 new apartments, which would further impact the area's population, while still not solving the problem or need for a local neighborhood school.

RUSD currently spends an estimated 1 million dollars per year, on bus transportation, transporting the area's children to six (6) different elementary schools. 

What our vote means is that all of Riverside Council PTA and it's members may now formally endorse this endeavor. Additionally, your local school PTA unit may elect to endorse this action as a group, although it is not necessary for your organization to do so. You always have the right to individually endorse, support, promote any efforts as a community member.


We will be organizing and mobilizing a group of PTA advocates to attend the Riverside City Planning Commission meeting this Thursday, August 23rd at 9:00am at the Art Pick Council Chambers at City Hall. The address is: 3900 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501. We will meet outside at approximately 8:45amPlease wear your PTA or school shirts. We want to show support in solidarity, and let the city of Riverside Planning Commission know that parents from all schools, and all neighborhoods across the city of Riverside are concerned about the well-being of our Casa Blanca families and children.


The need for neighborhood schools is great. Many of us are privileged to have wonderful schools in our own neighborhoods that our children attend. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all children and families in RUSD.

Students that walk from the Casa Blanca neighborhood to schools on the other side of the 91 freeway, must oftentimes cross not only under a freeway overpass, but also across train tracks. This is a huge safety concern.

Riverside Council PTA understands that parent engagement in crucial to the overall success of a student. We know that research shows students with involved and engaged parents do better. Our mission statement also calls for us to advocate for all students.  Without a neighborhood school, the students and families in the Casa Blanca neighborhood are disconnected from their school community. Parents are less able to be involved, and students who rely on bus transportation are unable to participate in after-school sports or activities. 

It is time for us to come together to support our children in Casa Blanca.


  • As of 2018, the Casa Blanca Neighborhood houses over 800 TK-6th grade elementary students that attend six schools: Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, Victoria, Madison, and Washington.
  • As of 2018, the Casa Blanca Neighborhood currently busses 453 elementary students to four (4) schools: Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, and Victoria.
  • A new 800 student capacity school within the Casa Blanca Neighborhood will benefit the 6 feeder schools (Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, Victoria, Madison, and Washington) by reducing their enrollment and allow the removal of old portable classroom buildings. It would also help to restore hardscape and playgrounds currently occupied by the portables.
  • The Casa Blanca School Closed in 1967. This community has been without a local school for 51 years.


If you have questions, please contact Carrie Vahidi, Riverside Council PTA Parent Engagement Chairperson at: or (609)458-1181. You may also reach me at the number below.

Remember: every child, once voice.

Together we go far!

Adriana Curiel
President, Riverside Council PTA
President, Norco High School PTSA
Website Administrator, 23rd District PTA
Member, Measure O Oversight Committee

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

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