Join Girl Scouts

Each school year offers your daughter new friends, new opportunities. 

What if you could combine those into one terrific experience?
How about joining Girl Scouts this year? It's a fantastic experience for girls of ALL ages.  

Want to know more about Girl Scouts?
Please join us at one of our Adult Meetings at 7:00pm on Tuesdays once a month,  at Scout Hall - 177 E. Blithedale. 
We will begin the meetings at 7:00pm and discuss Council and RBSU news, upcoming events and other topics that will help you run your troop.Remember, these meetings are open to all registered adults who want to attend as well as adults interested in what Girl Scouts has to offer in Richardson Bay.  

Want to form a troop at your school or find out if existing troops have vacancies?  
We have troops of all ages scattered throughout our schools, chances are you already know a girl scout in your circle of friends. Forming a troop is easy and fun, there are plenty of experienced leaders to offer you support. . . programming, meetings, events - we offer opportunities every month! Getting girls to sign up is easy - there are girls in every grade waiting for a new troop to form - it just takes an adult to start the process. All troops have a minimum of 2 co-leaders, many troops choose to run with the help of multiple adults, finding it easier to divide responsibilities among 3 or 4 - it's all up to you. Our council office in Santa Rosa provides excellent support & guidance, most level training opportunities are available on line for utmost convenience. 
Come and join us - your girls are waiting!

If you are interested in finding out more about how to join Girl Scouts, go to

Already a Leader - want to get more involved?
Please join us at our Adult Coordinator Team (ACT) Meetings at 7:00pm on Tuesdays once a month at Mimi's house. 
We have so many fantastic events planned - but we need your help to make them happen! 
Please join the ACT team this year - there are several ways to make a difference! 

Check out a list of positions at RBSU Contacts.