An investiture is a ceremony to welcome new girls or adults into Girl Scouting.  It is a very meaningful step in the life of each person as she becomes active in Girl Scouts for the first time.  This is the time in which a new Girl Scout receives her Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout pin.

A rededication is a ceremony for girls and adults who have already been invested.  It is a time to reaffirm their belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law and to reflect upon the meaning of girl Scouting in their lives.

These ceremonies are usually held at the beginning of each Girl Scout year.  They can be combined for a troop, group or service unit that is investing and rededicating girls and adults at the same time.

A traditional Candle Lighting Investiture/Rededication Ceremony:

Use a three candle grouping to represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise.  As each candle is liat, the speaker can say the part of the Promise: (2)To serve God and my country, (2) to help people at all times, (3) and to lieve by the Girl Scout Law.  The group can then recite the Girl Scout Promise.

Use a ten candle grouping to reprsent the ten parts of the Girl Scout Law.  Logs with holes cut in them are often used as candle holders.  Each of the ten candles represents one part of the law.  As the candles are lit, the speakers recite each law.

Investiture/Rededication:  Ingredients to Live By

Leader:   Today we are going to do our “Investiture and Rededication Ceremony.”  That is a fancy way of saying we are going to reflect on why we are in Girl Scouts.  This ceremony is an important Girl Scout tradition as it is also when we “officially” welcome new girls into the Girl Scouting (the Investiture part) and everyone else reaffirms their commitment to Girl Scouting.

 Our ceremony begins with reciting the Girl Scout Promise.  The Promise was brought to America by Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scout movement in our country.   She believed that by taking this oath, girls all over the country would better understand their place in their community and, in doing so, join thousands of other girls who share a common belief and commitment.  

    o   recite the Girl Scout Promise

Today, for our ceremony, we will build a nifty snack to nourish or bodies to symbolize how Girl Scouting nourishes our spirits.  Each ingredient of our snack represents one of the “ingredients” of the Girl Scout Law.  As Girl Scouts, we try to live by the values in the Girl Scout Law.  We pledge to uphold this law because we know it will make us better people and help us to make a positive difference in our lives and in the world around us.   

Each statement will be read by a girl from the troop while putting the ingredients in a big bowl (prepare baggies of ingredients ahead of time-girls hold on to the baggies to get a scoop of mix at the end):

  • “Honest and fair” is the first part of the Girl Scout Law.  Let’s remember to be fair and square by adding CHEX to our snack.
  •  We “pop” with enthusiasm when we lend a helping hand.  So let’s add POPCORN to show that we are “friendly and helpful.”
  •  Sometimes we show that we are “considerate and caring” by giving a hug to a friend when they are sad.  Let’s add MARSHMALLOWS to represent hugs for our friends.
  •  As a troop we have a strong circle of friendship that we can count to help all of us be “courageous and strong.” Let’s add CHEERIOS to represent that strong circle.
  •  PRETZELS look like a capital “I”, and represent that “I” am responsible for doing what’s right.  Lets add pretzels to represent “responsible for what I do and say.”
  •  The Law reminds us to “respect myself and others.”  I can respect myself be eating foods that are good for me.  RAISINS are a good source of iron, potassium, and other nutrients; so let’s add raisins as a reminder to take care of our bodies.
  •  Girl Scouts USA represents Girl Scouts all over the U.S.  By selling Girl Scout cookies, we are helping support the organization raise money to help girls everywhere.  So by adding THIN MINTS to our mix, we “respect authority” by helping sell cookies for Girl Scouts USA.
  •  We should always remember to “use resources wisely” in order to take care of our planet and all living things.  We will add GOLDFISH to remind us to take care of the earth and use resources wisely.
  •  As Girl Scouts we want to “make the world a better place.”  To represent the community service that do, let’s add GUMMI BEARS to the mix to represent the endangered animals that we want to help.
  •  Girl Scouts come from all over the world.  No matter what she looks like or what language she speaks or where she lives, she is our sister.  To represent how we are sisters to every Girl Scout, let’s add M&M’s.

Leader: Now, it’s time to recognize those of you who are receiving their Girl Scout pin for the first time.

Leaders pin new members

·       A Girl Scout tradition calls for the girls pins to be pinned upside down

 Leader:  I now want to welcome all of our returning members to a new year of scouting.  Bring up your bag to get some of our mix of Girl Scout law.

Song-Make New Friends

Investiture/Rededication Ceremony with Flowers  -see document attached below

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