9 months
    -book Camporee location and time
    -usually in the spring at Camp Bothin

5 months
    -brainstorm activity ideas

4 months
    -find a service project to do (optional)
    -rough schedule
    -define activities
    -start making list of supplies
    -get paperwork and figure out method of distribution
   -discuss budget of:
        -entrance fee
    -present theme and budget to ACT(Adult Coordinating Team)

3 months
    -design and then send patch to a company
        -last used was Emblem Enterprises
    -find volunteers to cook dinner
    -finalize activities
    -make a flyer (optional)
    -present idea to leaders at a meeting
    -find volunteers at meeting using internet(ex: signup genius) or paper(sign up sheet)
    -organize/edit paperwork found at the paperwork tab

2 months
    -send out registration paperwork (about 6 weeks before)
    -ask to get registration back four weeks before event
    -make sure you have all volunteers
    -check on patch
    -send in insurance(look at paperwork)
    -start activity directions
    -think about ideas for volunteer gifts(optional)
    -find some supplies (Oriental Trading Co. is a good place to find things in bulk)

1 month
    -assign dorms to troops
    -(2 weeks before) send out welcome packet after everyone has registered
    -make sure you know who is coming
    -make sure to have ALL of the health forms
    -test activities
    -create finishing touches
    -make name tags (optional)