How to Run a Camporee

 This site breaks down the process of running a three day Camporee!
Camporee is a weekend event held every year for girls scouts of all ages!  Older girls (juniors +) are allowed to stay overnight two nights, and younger girls stay over one night.  Here is some general information about the previous Camporees.

Year        Theme                             Attendance                  Annotations
                                                    (kids)       (total)
2017    50th Birthday of RBSU                        

2014    Medieval Faire                185                253        Medieval costumes encouraged; one session for younger scouts and one for                                                                                                 older scouts; dragon making, search for excalibur, stained                                                                                                                           glass, catapult contest

2013    Travel Through Time        189            279            Make time machines, dance lesson in afternoon.  Younger and older sessions 

2012       Girl Scout Centennial                                        Celebrating 100 year's of Girl Scouting

2011        Wizardry                        96              146           Harry Potter themed with four planned activities (i. e. potions) and groups

2010        Greek Mythology           114            164           Olympic Games, dress-up, and much more fun!

2009        Friendship Games                                           Split into groups with colors with mixed troops and ages and did challenges

2008        Survivor                                                           Relays and other fun outdoor activities

2007        GS 95th                      159            244            "How to" demonstrations of activities like finger weaving and paper making