How to Run a Girl Scout Event

Things to Consider for the Production of a Successful Event

Create the Event:

  • What is the purpose or general description?
  • Who is invited (what age scout)?
  • When (Date and Time)?
  • Where (complete with address of venue)?
  • What service community project will be added if applicable?
  • Will a try-it or a badge be earned; or an event fun patch?

Initial Reporting and Budgeting:

  • Make an estimated budget, include specifics such as: food, patch, rental, decorations, activity supplies, and insurance.  See Event Budget Worksheet pdf below.
  • Determine cost/fee per person.
  • Submit Event Notification Approval Form and Financial Report  Events Form to Service Unit (Program Support Manager, Cynthia Duncan) at least one month before event   See report form pdf's to complete below.

Planning Considerations:

  • Have the girls in your troop help in planning and execution of event.
  • Does your event include Girl Scout Leadership Experience(GSLE) outcomes (goals of leadership etc.)? click here to see GSLE outcomes.
  • Consider Safety Issues.  Look at Safety Checkpoints by clicking here.
  • Do you need to purchase additional insurance (for non-Girl Scouts at events such as tagalongs or unregistered adult or if event is over 3 days)—Look at Council website for details on how to order additional insuranceMust be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance of event.
  • Patches can be ordered directly by you to be reimbursed, or Janet Smith, RBSU Treasurer can order them for you.  Possible places to order patches online:, or GSNorcal website
  • Do you need a First Aider—Level One or Level Two:
    • For any multi-troop event of up to 200 participants, a Level 1 first aider is required. Level 2 is required if specified by Safety-Wise in the specific activity checkpoints for the activities you’ll be doing.
    • For more than 200 participants or whenever you will have an event more than 15 minutes away from an emergency responder, a Level 2 first aider is always required.
  • Is this a high risk event?  If so extra approval neededSee more info here.
  • How will troops register for event-as a troop or individually?
  • What is your cancellation policy and is financial assistance available?
  • All contracts must be signed by a council staff member.

Advertise Event: 

  • Flyer Tips: Keep it neat and simple; emphasize important items with larger fonts, extra space, bolded statements; graphics are attention-getting and enhance flyer; remember to proofread;
  • Send Flyer to Cynthia Duncan for approval.
  • Place it on Richardson Bay Website-contact Jennifer Oreste,
  • Email the event details to leaders within 2 weeks prior to the event RSVP date; contact Jennifer Oreste.
  • Announce the event at the Service Unit Meeting closest to event.

For Event:

  • Prepare registration paperwork if necessary.
  • Will troops need a separate permission form than the annual permission form?
  • For event, fill out Troop Event Roster Form or Individual Roster Form to keep a record of attendees.
  • Bring Media Information Form to event-see form below.
  • Don’t forget on the day of:  first aide kit, Health History forms of all participants (troop leaders should bring these at all times.  If event is overnight, organizer should get copies), cell phone, and all supplies

After Event:

  • Complete Financial Report for Events and Event Notification  Approval within two weeks after event and submit to Cynthia Duncan.

Need assistance: Richardson Bay Program Support Manager, Cynthia Duncan, RB Leader Support Managers, Ruth Chavez and Jennifer Oreste

Have Fun!




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