Step 1: Upload Flash SWF file to Google Sites as an attachment

a. Login to your Google Sites, navigate to your site, then click "More Actions" on the top right corner and click the "Manage Site" menu item.

b. Click "Attachments" on the left navigation bar, then upload your Flash .swf file.

Step 2: Click the 'View" button, then copy the url from the browser address bar into your Google site page.

Step 3 Alt: Insert Flash SWF file to Google Sites page

a. In your site and copy & paste the SWF gadget or insert a Google 'embed' gadget (search 'more gadgets' > 'featured')

b. Click the gadget properties > paste in the embed code below > then enter the dimensions to match the video.
NOTE: will not work on Android devices

c. In the Popup dialog, where you want to display the Flash movie, insert HTML codes as follows:

<embed src="https://b9f0be0c-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/kcdmportfoliotemlplate/myMovie.swf?attachauth=ANoY7coh8IVOTBB89fypCW0u8Zao_G1vkbBBYNm6FuoFijNP9Wuhasy_Aztiz6FX_A4XrqHUYpLjIoauDI0TRMuy3ROSA9ZI2PpBhIHpcYDxg3Zp_1zdPlnXFB8XkPs-3o8mnhpyNKXdb97rxmxEynNQTMXB-q_a0AP_k_L61BsrJnSU36P0C5rWi9zMKiC8dXMFXRGXXlRaLCkjFUEL-tCknZIYVTWmh-ERpCOv2HIW9gj2R0zcQbc%3D&attredirects=0" width="810" height="400" ></embed>

Note: The long red text is the url that you copied in step 3

d. Remove the url text that you initially copied into your page.