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four continents memories


This Championship is the third one held which is usually promoted every four years. It started when the New Zealand and Canadian Federations made a proposal that the FIG provide a corresponding event to the European Championships be held for other countries outside Europe. The first Four Continent Championship was organized in 1978 in Toronto. The next one was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1980 and New Zealand was honoured by being given this Championship in 1982.This competition was held at the Auckland University Stadium and was huge organization. My part was as a timekeeper with Leslie Orr – we rarely posted the same time!

I remember the debacle outside the University on the footpath with PM Robert Muldoon arguing about protocol for the official opening. Maori protocol was not used a lot in those days.

I was a driver for the Japanese Team and recall being told I had 7 gymnasts etc. to deliver – quite a lot for the old Hillman Hunter. When I called at their hotel I had 14 turn up! Well they were small and as seat belts were not required then I did my best for a few days but driving home one night having just got over the other side of the bridge and my car died! forever!  I was relieved of my duties.

I would love to hear some more stories from gymnasts and officials.

Margaret Woolf