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Officers & Committees Description

a)      Chapter President: The Chapter President is the presiding officer of the local Rho Chi Society Chapter and shall conduct the chapter business in a fashion consistent with the vision and mission of the Society. It shall be the responsibility of the Chapter President to:

 1.      in consultation with fellow officers and members, establish the agenda for Chapter meetings and at the appointed time, call the meeting to order after ascertaining that a quorum is present.

 2.      conduct the business scheduled to come before the assembled Chapter members.

 3.      state and put to vote all questions that legitimately come before the Chapter members as motions and to announce the result of each vote.

 4.      expedite business in every way compatible with the rights of members, including deciding all questions of order.

 5.      authenticate when necessary, all acts, orders and proceedings of the assembled membership.

 6.      declare meetings adjourned when the assembled membership so votes or at the time prescribed.

 7.      oversee the Mentor-Mentee program Committee.

 b)          Chapter Vice-President: The Chapter Vice President, in the absence of the President, assumes the responsibilities of the President. S/He shall organize the initiation ceremony as noted in Article II, Section 5, b), which includes overseeing the Initiation Ceremony Committee.

 c)          Chapter Secretary: The Chapter Secretary is the recording officer for the chapter and custodian of its records, except those specifically assigned to others. It shall be the responsibility of the Chapter Secretary to:

1.          serve as the primary communication conduit between the Chapter Officers and Chapter membership

2.          keep a record of all proceedings (minutes) of the chapter.

3.          keep on file all Chapter committee reports.

4.          keep the Chapter’s official membership roll.

5.          make the minutes and records available to Chapter members as noted in Article V, Section 8.

6.          notify officers, committee members and delegates of their election or appointment and furnish committees with documents required to perform their duties.

7.          maintain paper-based or electronic records in which the bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules and minutes are entered

8.          prepare, in consultation with the presiding officer, an order of business for each meeting.

9.        in the temporary absence of the Chapter President and Vice President, call the meeting to order and preside. In the permanent absence of the Chapter President and Vice President, the Secretary shall serve as President until an election replacing the President is held.

 d)         Chapter Treasurer: The Chapter Treasurer is the officer entrusted with the Chapter funds. The Treasurer should assume responsibility for the preparation of the budget for the year in which s/he holds office, and is required to make a full financial report annually. The treasurer shall also oversee the Fundraising committee.

 e)        Chapter Historian: Together with the Chapter Secretary, the Chapter Historian shall prepare and submit the Chapter’s Annual Report to the Society’s National Office, and maintain a narrative or photographic archive of significant chapter activities during his/her term of office.

 Rho Chi Committees

 1.      Initiation Ceremony Committee: overseen by the Vice President

  • The committee chair will work with the Vice President to organize the initiation ceremony that takes place during Spring quarter
  • The committee members will assist with organizing the initiation ceremony

 2.      Fundraising Committee: overseen by the Treasurer

  • The committee chair will be in charge of updating and organizing the sale of the Rho Chi pocket guide, as well as developing and carrying out any new fundraising activities
  • The committee members will assist with updating, printing, and sale of the Rho Chi pocket guide. Members will also assist in any other project related to fundraising.

 3.      Mentor-Mentee Program Committee: overseen by the President

  • The committee chair along with its members will be responsible for:
  • Recruitment of mentors
  • Pairing up mentors with mentees
  • Organizing social events that will facilitate active communication between mentors and mentees
  • Evaluating program outcome at the end of the academic year
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May 22, 2011, 1:51 PM