Practice Restorative Justice: Get Involved!

Reunion Calendar

Reunion offers training and opportunities to practice restorative justice. 

Presently, our two building blocks of restorative justice opportunities are:

  • Reunion's Reintegration Support Circles. RSCs practice restorative justice with men and women who have recently come home from incarceration.  Each Reintegration Support Circle focuses on supporting a returning resident in particular as he/she moves toward long term goals. 

Our next RSC keepers (facilitators) training will be over multiple sessions in the fall of 2018.  See our calendar and/or recent newsletters for specifics.

  • Reunion's Freedom Circles practice restorative justice in faith communities.  Each Freedom Circle offers a simple, ongoing practice of building community across the divides of race and class in the context of spiritual growth.  In Freedom Circles, returning residents share leadership as we all nurture new socio-spiritual relationships. 
All are welcome to our occasional workshops on practicing restorative justice in the faith community.  See our calendar and/or recent newsletters for specifics.

In addition to those two opportunities for training and practice, Reunion hosts an annual cookout in Rock Creek Park and various worships, films, and networking moments to nurture the community committed to restorative justice in DC.  Again, see the calendar and/or recent newsletters for the latest.