Welcome Home: Restorative Justice & Re-entry in DC

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Inspired to end the injustices of mass incarceration, Reunion believes in a better way to address crime, justice, and brokenness than the present system offers. Current strategies of incarceration and reentry are more broadly experienced as retributive or vindictive, leaving people psychologically and emotionally unprepared for successful homecoming and re-integration in the community.

Restorative justice is a paradigm of response to harm, implementing community-based processes of accountability, restitution, reconciliation and re-socialization.  Restorative justice is interested in addressing the effects of the harm done, with a particular interest in engaging those who committed the harm, those who are victims of the harm, and the wider community. These new possibilities are only in reach as we learn together to be communities of redemption and love.

Reunion is an interfaith community, practicing Restorative Justice in congregations, the community and in partnership with the justice system in Washington, DC.

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