Research Fellow

Center for Research in Economics and Well-Being (CREW)

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Basel

Peter-Merian-Weg 6

4002 Basel



New publication out now: "Tobacco Sales Prohibition and Teen Smoking". Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 188: 998-1014. (with Armando Meier and Alois Stutzer). [link]

I teach a new course "Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Well-Being" at the University of Basel in the spring term 2021.

New CReAM discussion paper: "All I have to do is dream? The role of aspirations in intergenerational mobility and well-being". (with Warn N. Lekfuangfu) [link]

New IZA discussion paper: "Does the Dream of Home Ownership Rest upon Biased Beliefs? A Test Based on Predicted and Realized Life Satisfaction". (with Alois Stutzer) [link]