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About Ella Rain

Hi, I’m Ella Rain. I became a holistic healthcare practitioner after spending decades searching for the best outlet to focus my energies. In my personal time I enjoy meditation, cooking and gardening. I love to learn and to research topics that I am passionate about.

The modalities I chose appealed to me because they are holistic systems. Holistic in that these systems provide protocols to address the body, mind, and spirit.  Imbalances in any of these areas cause a ripple effect impacting the whole and therefore must be taken into consideration. The idea of compartmentalizing the systems (going to different professionals for different issues) has always seemed counter intuitive to me.  Energy medicine provides the opportunity to address a person as a whole.  In this way we can address issues that are physical or psychological in nature.

I found BodyTalk through my husband. He is a Nursing Student at Clark College and was introduced to it by one of his instructors. He found BodyTalk intriguing and knew I would be interested. After reading the first piece of literature on the BodyTalk system, I was hooked.  Since becoming certified in BodyTalk I have gone on to embrace Accunect as well, further expanding my base of knowledge and the tools at my disposal.