Olivier HERAULT, PU-PH, Tours (37)

Coordinators of axes

Axis " Structure of the niche : composition and cellular / molecular organisation "

Fawzia LOUACHE, DR INSERM, Villejuif (94)

Stéphane MANCINI, CR INSERM, Marseille (13)

Axis " Dynamics of the interaction niche-tumor cells"

Marie-Caroline LE BOUSSE-KERDILES, DR INSERM, Villejuif (94)

Véronique MAGUER-SATTA, DR CNRS, Lyon (69)

Axis " Biomarkers and therapeutic targeting of tumor niches "

Gwendal LAZENNEC, CR CNRS, Montpellier (34)

Karin TARTE, PU-PH, Rennes (35)