Flamenco music group  Remedios  appears in 2001 and is soon denominated as the 
 most remarkable  flamenco brand  in  Slovak Republic.  The initiative  to create  such 
 an ensemble  originated  from  the need  of  finding  new flamenco arrangements and  
 at the time to move  from interpretation to creation. Apart from flamenco, the authors 
 let themselves inspire by elements of the world-music genre. The repertoire complete  several pieces of Manuel de Falla, David Dorantes, Vicente Amigo or Astor Piazzolla.  Remedios  artistic  kick  off  took place  in  november  2001,  at the 4.th International  Flamenco Festival Bratislava. Right in 2002 they were granted financial support from  Soros Contemporary  Art Center  for  realization  of  the  professional  master  record  
 which was baptized as CD VENDAVAL two years after.
 In the course of  next two years the group cooperated on successful flamenco projects  presented all over Czech-Slovak scenes. In 2004 Remedios achieved the final of the contest Nové tváre slovenského jazzu (New Faces of Slovak Jazz), where they won  the prize for the best conception and collective interpretation. In 2005 they participated on a music recording for the movie  Hrubeš a Mareš jsou kamarádi do deště, and  were invited to perform the guest role at the Gipsy Kings concert in Bratislava. They also performed at the most considerable Slovak jazz festival: Bratislavské Jazzové  Dni - 2005. In the same year they worked with  National Theater in Prague  for the act Zvonařka závist. In 2006 Remedios co-performed at the  concert with the famous  Spanish guitarist  Gerardo Nuńez.  A year after,  the second  CD CARDAMON  has been released with very good references within both  public and critics.  Recently  they appeared in the first Slovak flamenco musical Don Quijote by Sancho, launched in 2006.  Then they kept performing in the Czech-American  musical production
 Carmen with the famous diva Lucie Bilá for about 4 consecutive years. Nowadays after som time resting, they think of a brand new project to make :)

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Ponte Pardo  is a young pop-flamenco band of experienced and versatile artists that decided to create 
a soft, catchy, and slightly jazzy group of  flamenco  musicians and  friends.  It has come to light in 2010, 
when a flamenco guitarist  Martin  Nováček  invited  all  of  them to meet and cooperate  with the crucial decision: Let´s call ourselves Ponte Pardo :) 
The repertoire  contains their own creation  as well as the arranged compositions of the authors:  Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Gerardo Nunez, and so forth. There are also arrangements to dance choreography with the lyrics mostly in Spanish language.  In the local contest they got to the final and won with a song: Por.Lo.Bueno. Characteristic feature of their music is the contrast between soft flamenco themes and the harsh folklore energy of this Andaluzia phenomenon.      

Ponte Pardo  participated  in  numerous  performances,  and  some  autonomous concerts.  They  had  the opportunity  to perform on different  public events  and  balls, including  Czecho-Slovakia´s  got  talent.
They are on their way.. 

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                                         Trio Flamenco  Los Cocos  appears in 2012 as a result of coincidental yet suprising and fertile
                                      international cooperation between flamenco artists of Bratislava and Wien. ...  


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