Convenient for theaters, halls, balls, exhibitions, restaurants, special fairs and markets, team-building events, weddings, 
auto-salons, business encounters, festivals, casinos, hotel animations, educational school events, other events or parties. 

Programs characteristics:
- from 20 to 100 minutes of live music (flamenco, gypsy-jazz, latino)
- contains up to 30% dancing choreography
- number of artists: from 3 to 7 people
- program can be split to more entrees

Additional activities:
background reproduced music available
 - animation dancing lessons, speedy Spanish language course, 
- Spanish poetry presentation, percussion lessons and jam session with the audience involved 

The program may be designed if requested as a special Spanish Night 
with the original wine and food catering, sangria, jamon serrano, delicacies, sweets, and so on (catering service available).



                                    Concert program CARDAMON                                               Cabaret program  PASIONAO 
                                                 Demo .mp3 available for downloading                                                                   Demo .mp3 available for downloading                                                      


                                   Traditional program REMEDIOS                                      Background program  PONTE PARDO 

                                     Demo .mp3 available for downloading                                                           Demo .mp3 available for downloading

                                                                                              EDUCATIVE  programs  
                                                                                                              (for more details please, click on the heading)

 - presentation in (German or Slovak or Spanish or English) language
 - up till 50 minutes of live music with performed poetry, prose and songs
- includes more than 30 % of dance choreography, number of artists: 3 to 5 people
- intended for youth audience (Don Quijote, ..) and children audience (Carmen, ..) 

                                                                                     FLAMENCO  DANCE  CLASSES
                                                                                  (for more details please, click on the heading) 



FLAMENCO music and dance production with all the essentials included:
temperamental live concert music, unbound energy, passionate flamenco 
dance, strong emotions, good vibe, additional animation services

Tickets for the next concert:


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