What We Do

At the beginning of every fall semester, RELLS pairs each of the incoming 1L members with one or more personal mentors for the year. Mentors interact regularly with their mentees, take them to lunch, answer their questions, and ensure that the new students' transition into law school is successful. In addition to the one-on-one mentoring, RELLS also provides monthly seminars on reading and briefing cases, outlining, registering for classes, taking exams, and preparing for and completing journal tryouts. These seminars focus on the specific experiences of the 2L and 3L members. 

In addition to its mentoring efforts, RELLS carries out various events to encourage religious conviction, perform public service, and develop professional excellence. The Society has hosted speakers ranging from attorneys to federal district court judges to humanitarian aid advocates. RELLS members also serve the community throughout the year by volunteering at the local food bank and Salvation Army. Members are encouraged to take the law school's pro bono challenge of contributing 75 hours of volunteer legal service before graduation. 

Society members promote camaraderie through monthly social events, pick-up basketball games, softball, and a trip to the Outer Banks during the fall break. Members also reach out to prospective students prior to and during admitted students weekend each year.