Chippewa/Ojibwa legend says keeping a Dream Catcher overhead assures good dreams,
both while asleep and awake. 
Get a traditionally designed, one-of-a-kind
Dream Catcher
for you or someone you love.

To get a custom made Dream Catcher
here's what you do: 

1) Write an email telling two colors you like, the size you want, and whether you want yours to hang up-and-down (vertically) or side-to-side (horizontally) overhead. 

Sizes and prices are:  4"-$15, 6"-$20, 8"-$25, 10"-$30, 12"-$35, or larger-email by special quote.  Prices include packing & shipping in USA. 

2) With "Dream Catcher Order" in the subject line, email your order to:  Be sure to include your order details (colors, size, hanging orientation), name, phone number, and mailing address with zip code where you want the Dream Catcher sent.  Allow 7-10 business days for delivery. 

3) Send payment (Paypal, Square, check, or money order; no cash, please) when your order is confirmed.  See PAYMENT below.  When your Dream Catcher arrives hang and admire it, and enjoy good dreams night and day. 

DREAM CATCHER KITS - -  Make your own Dream Catcher Kits are available, too.  Included is:  6" hoop, waxed twine, beads, feathers and instructions.  Cost $15, postpaid in U.S.  Follow Steps 2 & 3 above, including special bead colors if you like, and enjoy making your own Dream Catcher for yourself, or a friend or loved one.  

PAYMENT - -  Paying with Paypal, Square, check, and money order are options.  If paying by check, mail it to

Reid Miller, 703 Carroll Ave, Ames, IA, 50010.

Email or call 608.852.4524 with questions.

Sleep well.  Dream Catchers make great gifts.  Send good dreams to someone you love.