RCKskimmer by DL4RCK is a software developement project of DL4RCK.

RCKskimmer is able to search for digital signals (RTTY, BPSK31, BPSK63 and BPSK125) in a FFT-spectrum of a standard receiver like K3, FT1000x, ... or a SDR receiver with a NF-connection to the soundcard of the PC by using the MMVARI module.

All bands and frequencies can be scanned in a row.

All callsigns with CQ, QRZ, DE or TEST will be detected and listed with exactly mark-frequency by using the OmniRig Transceiver Control by VE3NEA, thanks Alex.

The callsigns are posted in real time to the RCK - Digital-Cluster-System what is specially designed for RCKskimmer and accessable for everyone and the spots are going also to the www.reversebeacon.net network.

Note! / Hinweis!

Questions about the software will be answered only comming from the email forum. Please therefor use (subscribe) the Email Forum.

Es werden keine Fragen zur Software beantwortet, die über das Kontakt-Formular zu mir kommen. Bitte verwenden sie das Email Forum dafür. (Anmeldung notwendig)