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Practice Schedules

Quizzer expectations:

Attend every practice weekly. Attendance will be recorded. If you cannot attend practice because of an unavoidable circumstance or other VALID reason, inform your quizmaster ahead of time. An unreported absence counts as an "unexcused absence." Two (2) unexcused absences in one month disqualifies you from attending the next quiz meet.

Be on time. Being late for five (5) minutes or more counts as an "unexcused absence."

Behave the way you would at a quiz meet. Any unauthorized talking or distracting gestures will be counted as fouls. Three (3) individual fouls counts as an "unexcused absence."

Keep up with the daily memorization schedule. This trains your self-discipline character.

Be able to recite the verses in practice. If you fail quoting, you must quote to your coach or parent before Tuesday night and email your quizmaster.

  • Juniors must have no more than an average of  one (1) error/verse and must quote 3 verses/minute
  • Seniors must quote 50% or more of their assigned verses; only two (2) minor errors/verse allowed

Come to your assigned practice session. If you have to switch, ask for BOTH quizmasters' approval.

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