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The 7 Question Types


There are a total of 7 different question types


Multiple Answer:



Chapter Verse Reference:

Chapter Only Reference:

 There are a total of 7 different question types.
    The most common kind of question is interrogative, which is a simple question regarding the material. The quizzer's answer does not have to be word-perfect, but he/she has to say all the key words (words that only appear once in the book(s) memorized).
    Multiple answers are like interrogatives, except there is more than one answer, and all of the answers must be stated before the quizzer can be declared correct.
    Quote questions ask the reference, and the quizzer has to simply quote the right verse, but word-perfectly (with no mistakes).
    Chapter verse reference and chapter reference questions are slightly more difficult. These question types will be explained in detail later.
    For finish the verse questions, the quizzer is given at most the first five words of a verse, and the quizzer has to quote the rest of that verse word-perfectly.
    The last question type is situation questions. However, letter books like Hebrews have no situation questions.