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To the casual observer, Bible quizzing is a sport in which three teams match knowledge, jumping speed, memory, and quickness of response against one another on a designated portion of Scripture. However, quizzing offers much more than just competition and sport. The program involves memorizing a specific book or books of the Bible for each quiz year.

By becoming involved in memorization, young people develop a love and respect for the Bible. The Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically influences them. Young people from grades 7 - 12 compete against each other, which allows quizzing to be diversified. Younger students learn from the older ones, and vice versa. Through this teamwork, Bible quizzing helps young people develop a genuine concern for others. Quizzers learn to rely upon the Lord and not upon themselves to attain their goals. Quizzing also gives a biblical perspective for everyday life and helps in the application of Scriptural principles.

Quizzing Requirements:
  • Willingness to set aside time for study and learning
  • Must be a student in grades 7 -12 (Metro District has a junior program for grades 3 - 6)
  • Must have an encouraging attitude and spirit.
  • Willingness to be motivated, challenged, and a desire to do your best
  • Able to travel to several quiz competitions during the quizzing season
  • Willingness to set aside necessary money to cover quizzing expenses