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Raquette River Blueway Trail Plan

This report is a plan to create the Raquette River Corridor Blueway Trail. Blueways are small boat and paddling routes that combine recreation and environmental awareness and allow users to travel to designated stops along the way for rest, overnight stays, and enjoyment of land‐based attractions in the vicinity.

This report lays out a prioritized list of steps necessary to implement and promote the Blueway Trail. It includes an analysis of existing conditions in the corridor including its environmental conditions, history, and population. It also provides a range of projects (physical improvements) such as signage, enhancements of existing local parks, boat launches, scenic overlooks, Blueway Visitor Centers and kiosks, gateway features, trails and river access points. 

The plan also provides a program of initiatives necessary to create and promote the Blueway including a river stewardship program, website promotions, a traveling exhibit, birding promotions, trip packages, a “patch system” and development of river maps. The report also provides an implementation strategy for all projects and initiatives describing the relative priority, who is responsible, potential partners and potential funding sources.

The key to implementation, however, is inter‐municipal cooperation. Communities must work together in a shared vision in order to have the critical mass necessary to create a Blueway that can compete initially for funding and later for tourists who will appreciate its scenery, history and recreational opportunities.
Marylee Ballou,
Mar 26, 2012, 9:49 AM