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Annual General Council Meeting

The Council has a new website which can be found at: 

The new website is live for agendas and minutes from 24 March 2021, and will continue to include more information as time goes on.


Following the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, and in line with advice from the National Association of Local Councils, it was not possible to hold an AGM in 2020 and it was therefore agreed that current office holders would continue in post for a further year.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council 2019 

took place on 13th May 2019

for the minutes please see the "Parish Council Meetings" page 

Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council

Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council 

Monday 21 May 2018 AGM 


1.     Election of Chairman & Vice Chairman: Cllr Wolfson was nominated as Chairman by Cllr Salisbury, seconded by Cllr Deane and approved by all.  Councillor Deane was nominated as Vice Chairman by Cllr Heigham, seconded by Cllr Wallace and approved by all.


2.    Parish Council Chairman’s report: 

Very many thanks to all the Parish Councillors for their work in the past year, which has expanded to include regular missions to move the vehicle activated sign. I would also like to thank Sandie Middleton, our Clerk, for her efficiency in keeping us informed of all we need to know and for keeping us on the straight and narrow in terms of agendas, minutes and the like.

Since our election in 2015, we have set ourselves a number of priorities, and I would like to report briefly on our progress on each of these.  Some have been easy, some have taken time (or are taking time) but we have got there, and some remain ‘nuggetty’. I will address them in roughly this order.

1. We have updated the Parish Emergency Plan and provided it to the District Council.  We are grateful to the Village Hall Committee and to Trioscape who have both agreed to act as places of safety should the need ever arrive.

2.  We have tried to improve our communication with our residents, by improving our website (a little), by providing an online calendar and by coordinating a ‘Welcome Pack’ which we have provided to a number of new residents to the Parish. More to be done, but a start has been made.

3.  Through the work of the County Council’s contractors and local landowners, we have reduced the risk of flooding south of Trioscape.

4.  With partners from the Forest of Dean District Council, we held a Dementia Awareness evening in January.

5.  Using a grant from the Office of the Police Commissioner, we have purchased, installed, moved and monitored a Vehicle Activated Sign, which we believe has had an impact on driving speeds, and especially, in reducing the likelihood of shunt accidents at Highleadon Turn.

6.  We committed ourselves to working to improve broadband speeds in the Parish; we have done nothing, but the Fastershire project is working its way through the County, and we are advised that some parts of the parish now do have faster speeds.

7. We agreed a year ago to investigate the issues around building a bus shelter at the Trioscape bus stop southbound. A year on, our application to the Planning Inspectorate is awaiting a decision.  We have the funds, we have the plans, and if we have permission we can go ahead.

8. We continue to press for planning and enforcement matters to be implemented in relation to Rudford Farm, Newbliss Farm and to the end of Church Lane, where the national footpaths – the Wysis Way and the Three Choirs Way – have, frankly, been destroyed, and unauthorised building work undertaken.  Our success has been in the removal of the building at Rudford Farm – though not the septic tank.  We are assured that the Enforcement Officer is now seriously ‘on the case’, and will continue to press him for action.

9. We continue to work with the Highleadon Green Association and Forest of Dean District Council to prevent illegal encampments on Highleadon Green. We have received advice from the Council that there are now procedures in place that will make speedier action possible, and that further legal steps are planned.  But these have yet to be tested, and until they are we cannot be confident that the problem will be solved.

And the two issues that we are currently confounded over:

10. Buttermilk Lane surface grit store: we remain very concerned by the use of this and especially the safety issues arising from the lorries delivering and collecting from it, which in 2017 coincided with a market at the Village Hall. We have provided a report to the County Council pointing out that we are the only Parish in the county with such a store at the heart of its community posing so many safety issues, but to no avail, as yet.

11. We need to improve access to a bus stop for Church Lane – it provides public transport to the Church and its monthly retreats days, and there are an ever increasing number of young people living in the Lane, who are effectively barred from a safe access to public transport. 

3.  Minutes of AGM held 22nd May 2017:Approval of the minutes was proposed by Cllr Wallace and seconded by Cllr Heigham, approved by all and duly signed.

The next Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday May 20, 2019 at Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall.