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Annual Parish Meeting

Rudford and Highleadon Annual Parish Meeting


The Annual Parish Meeting took place on Monday 29 April 2019 at 7.30 at Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall, Rudford.



Councillors Bob Wolfson (Chairman), Mark Deane, Sten Salisbury, Ian Turner, Robert Heighman and Darrell Wallace

District Councillor Horne

Members of the public 3 (Cyril Amos, Amanda Bye and Alison Heigham)

Chairs from the Women’s Institute (Janet Bond), Highleadon Green Association (Phil Hill) and the Village Hall committee (Penny Wolfson)


The minutes of the meeting:

The Chairman thanked District Councillor Horne for her support of the Parish Council and District Councillor Horne spoke a few words and thanked everyone for their support.  She then left the meeting.

1.    Those present approved the minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 23 April 2018which were then duly signed.


2.    Reports were received from local organisations and representatives on their activities over the last year and their plans for the future.  


  • St Mary’s Church Rudford- apologies received.  

Councillor Wolfson and Councillor Salisbury have done some research work on the gravestones and information is available from them..


  • Rudford and Highleadon Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee have adopted a new constitution. 

Regular activities continue to meet in the hall as well as bookings for family and social events.  

The Village Hall will again be used as the election polling station. 

Monthly markets also take place.  

The Christmas lunch continues to be successful.  

The alarm system and the concrete apron at the front of the building have been replaced. 

The Chair of the Committee gave thanks for the work of the committee members and other volunteers. 

AGM will take place on the 20thMay 2019.


  • Rudford, Highleadon and Churcham Women’s Institute

There are 23 members 

A varied programme of speakers has been arranged and social events have taken place

Monies raised from 2 cake stalls at the monthly market have gone to chosen charities – this year, the Forestry Sensory Group

Monies raised from the remaining 2 cake stalls provide additional funding for the WI group


  • Rudford and Highleadon Parish Council

An uncontested election will take place this year but there is still an unfilled vacancy.

The Council continue to work with the District Council on Enforcement issues

Illegal encampments continue to occur on Highleadon Green

The Vehicle Activated Sign has continued to be used and thanks were given to William Bye for the analysis of the data

Bus shelter at Trioscape (South bound)  has been installed and thanks were given to Robert Heighman for building it. Bus shelter on the North bound is still being considered.  Members of public asked the Council to look at a pathway for moving away from the bus stops.

Improved broadband speed is coming to the village via Gigaclear

Buttermilk Lane surface grit store has not been used for 18 months but may be again in the future

Closure of B4215 for STWA appears to have been postponed until after the summer.  Councillor Salisbury had attended a meeting and felt that the amount of local opposition had been instrumental in stopping the initial closure of the road, and that the data from the VAS been very helpful. 

Chairman raised concerns of lack of bus stop near Church Lane 

Councillor Heighman introduced the idea of planting commentative specimen trees on the corner of Buttermilk Lane and on the opposite side of the road, and there was support from those present for this idea.


  • The Highleadon Green Association

Photographs were distributed on the local fauna and flora found on the common.  

Evidence of more species than previously expected have been found.

Future plans include identifying walk pathways and sowing further wild flower seeds

Volunteers work in groups on maintenance tasks

Pond area has been partially cleared but funding is limited

Litter clearance is ongoing need


·      Annual Police report

Chairman  has summarised a Neighbourhood Watch organisation report and is available if required


3.    Open forum took place.


·     Agricultural vehicles on highways are causing concernto local residents

·     Alison House update given by Chairman of Parish Council

·     Road markings on Buttermilk Lane junction need replacing

·      Rumble strip at Highleadon junction is due to be resurfaced



Meeting closed at 20.40 pm


The 2020 Annual Parish Meeting will be scheduled for late April next year

Annual  Rudford and Highleadon Parish Meeting 23rdApril 2018


Present: Cllrs Wolfson (chairman), Deane, Salisbury, Wallace, Heigham, & County Cllr Brian Robinson.  Apologies for Absence received from Cllr Turner, Cllr Horne and Phil Green, Highleadon Green Assoc. There were 7 members of the public and representatives of local organisation in attendance


1.  The Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held onthe Parish Council, 24hApril 2017 were approved by all and signed.

2.  A report was given from St Mary’s Church, by the Rector, Reverend Helen Sammons. She reported that there had been many changes over the last year including. Using the schoolroom for a retreat centre with a monthly quiet day. This is fully booked. She explained the formal joining of Tibberton with Rudford under a single Parochial Church Council.  The Chutch account is now a general one for both churches, although donations can still be made to one or other named church.  Numbers have increased at services. 

3.  Penny Wolfson, Chair, gave a report on the work of the Village Hall Committee and outlined the activities in the Hall and the main improvements completed  and planned, including the hot water system in the kitchen that has been linked to the solar panels and the disabled parking area to be improved and resurfaced in August. The year has been a successful one including fitness classes and quiz night. The Christmas lunch was very popular and profitable. The summer lunch attracted relatively few people so a pop-up pub with BBQ is planned for June 16th. Tickets available in advance. The hall has no outstanding debts now that the Public Works Loan Board loan has been repaid. The volunteers were all thanked for the huge number of hours that they give to the hall.

4.  A written report was given from Highleadon Green Association and Elaine Shears, who described the flora and fauna recently identified on the green. There are at least 2 types of wild orchid on the common as well as many other wild flowers. Maintenance by volunteers is ongoing and the cost of grass cutting was kept to zero last year. If anyone would like to volunteer or contribute please contact Cllr Ian Turner.  Illegal camping proved a problem again, the HGA and Parish Council are working together with the District Council to address the issue. If anyone encounters problems please contact HGA Chair 01452790712, the PC Chair or councillor.

5.  A written report from the police was provided. Rural crime consisted mainly of farm and shed break-ins and thefts.  They will be accessible to the public via the mobile police vehicle. Community speedwatch groups have been and are to be set up in the FoDC area.  The Police have been working closely with schools on a range of issues. The crime statistics for Rudford & Highleadon from September 2017 – March 2018 reported 2 burglaries & 2 thefts. Figures for the last few years are similar to surrounding rural communities.

6.  County Councillor Robinson then gave his report.  This year sees a pilot scheme being inaugurated between the NHS & adult social care, this should see better & more efficient services for older people, a levy of 2% was added to Council tax to fund this.  Ofsted have noted progress in Children’s Services but the pace of improvement needs to be increased.  The local highways managers have promised to be more understanding of the Village Hall’s needs when using the grit store and will pass on concerns about the lorries stacking along the main road as well as Buttermilk Lane.

7.  Report from the Village Agent – none.

8.  Bob Wolfson, Chair, reported on the activities of the Parish Council. He reported on the Council’s work in relation to local planning issues and to improvements to safety on the B4215. The Emergency Plan has now been completed. The Parish Calendar has been set up on the Parish Council website but is seldom used.  The welcome pack has been produced and distributed to new parishioners. The Vehicle Activated Sign is in place and operating and the data is being collected and shared with the Office of the Police Commissioner. Permission from the Planning Inspectorate for the proposed bus shelter near Trioscape has been sought. The Fastershire project is continuing and parts of the parish should now have faster broadband speeds.  He explained that the prospects for improving pedestrian access to a bus stop from Church Lane are currently very limited. 

9.  General discussion:  those present stressed the need to continue working on planning issues and especially regretted the damage that had been done to the Wysis Way/Three Choirs Way.  The only new idea briefly touched on was whether it was worth considering seeking connection to mains sewerage, but there was limited enthusiasm for this.


Meeting closed at 8.50pm.



Date of the next Annual Parish Meeting:  Monday 29thApril 2019, 7.30pm at Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall, Rudford.